DM Transmitter KYT-1310-XX Series

DM Transmitter KYT-1310-XX Series


  • Dual Module RF driver, high efficiency laser pre-distortion adjustment.
  • Full-automatic OMI control, AGC & MGC. (Under AGC status, input level is between 78~88dBuV, and system index is optimum; Under MGC status, input range can be adjusted between 75~90dBuV by the ATT on front panel.)
  • Front panel has 20 grades OMI status display (Modulation Depth). (Under AGC status, within RF range, OMI is always at NOM status; Under MGC status, OMI can be at NOM status by adjusting ATT.)
  • Built-in dual backup power supplies; Switch full-automatically.
  • Case temperature auto-control, ensure the long life of the laser.
  • Dual RF input port.

AM interface          Input 59 routes PAL-D (47-550MHZ)

Digital interface (-10dB)        Input digital video (550-750MHz)


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