Fiber Cleavers


Usage and Safety Regulation

  • Read this description, before using Cleaver E-20 and keep description with Cleaver E-20.
  • Using Cleaver E-20, please be cautious of the following particulars and prevent your body and property from harm and use carefully and usefully.
  • Keep Cleaver E-20 away from water.
  • Place Cleaver E-20 away from humid and dusty place.
  • High temperature causes transforming, so keep it in normal temperature
  • Be careful with serious impact on it.
  • Be sure that the stripped fiber length should be at least 12mm or longer.
  • Clean the Cutting Edge Rubber Pad regularly with alcohol. Try not to use acetone or corrosive solvent when you clean the rubber pad.
  • Keep the fiber holder clean to ensure no dust in it.


  • Automatic cutting fiber
  • Automatic collecting waste fiber
  • Stable operation with Multi-Action process  
  • Typical cleave angle: 90°± 0.5°
  • Compact & handy outfit design
  • High precision cleaving blade with 16 cleave spots
  • Scratch-free anodized body surface
  • Simplified blade adjustment & replacements
  • Built-in maintenance tool attached: on the bottom


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