Optical Receiver



  • Excellent AGC characteristics: Pin: –9.0dBm~+2dBm, ΔVo : ≤±1. 0dB.
  • Variety of machine operating parameters controlled by the microprocessor , LED display.
  • Output level and slope, adjust and set through the microprocessor.
  • High performance, high reliability.
  • Best cost performance of industry.


  • Designed for receiving upstream signal and transmitting return signal to distribution hub or head-end.
  • Can accept video, audio or the mix of these signals.
  • RF test point and optical photocurrent test points for each receiver on the front of the chassis.
  • RF output level can be manually adjusted through the use of an adjustable attenuator on the front panel.

KYR2433 four-way return path optical receiver, adopting opto-electronic all-in-one optical receiving module from Fujitsu, it is characterized by high receiving sensibility and low noise which ensures fluent transmission of return path signal.

KYR2433 is a kind of top-class return path optical receiver; all the operating parameters are controlled by micro-processor. The LCD screen on the front panel can show the related message. Network management is optional.

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